Frontend Developer

Location: Newark, DE
Company: Top Stack
Industry: IT
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 4 days ago

Primary Responsibility: Analyze, Develop, test, and maintain EDI functionality.


Front End: React, Js

Backend: Java spring, Phython and D Jango.


  • Can design/create a website.
  • Participate in project meetings, providing input to project plans and providing status updates.
  • Perform technical analysis for EDI reporting requests from internal and external sources.
  • Act as the liaison between business partners, clients, and IT along with another internal department.
  • Maintain smooth communications for production using EDI tools and ensuring smooth transitions when changes or maintenance are required.
  • Handle all inbound/outbound documents, conducting auditing, handling relevant documents, and networking with partners.
  • Work extensively with information technology (IT) staff and other employees to ensure the EDI program is working as intended.
  • Perform Daily activities including serving as the initial contact for troubleshooting inquiries, monitoring document transmissions, and identifying opportunities to improve relevant processes.
  • Perform audits to ensure quality standards are being met on a regular basis.
  • Responsible for conducting training to keep staff up to date on technology changes.
  • Must be able to work full time in an office environment but teleconferencing or travel may be necessary.
  • Work with trading partners to resolve any operational issues.
  • Coordinate and test all EDI implementations with new EDI partners
  • Requirements for this position may vary slightly based on each company's needs
  • Collaborate with all source and electronic data and assist to process all cycle data and monitor everyday production transmissions and assist in electronic data transfer within required timeframe.
  • Assist to prepare all control job queues and control Ethernet devices.
  • Manage all service calls and provide technological support to resolve all issues and maintain all processes to manage all inbound and outbound data.


  • A technology-oriented bachelor's degree is often preferred.
  • Must have excellent communication skills and be able to discuss technical issues with non-technical staff, such as during training.

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